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Responsive website-design is when you drawing web layouts to recognize many devices linked to the Internet. This medium that the same website can be opened on a range of devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) crude of the resolution and various size of the screen – mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc. Responsive web design is designed to create web pages and the view of their content suitable for the any device from which they are viewed.

Mobile versions of sites and mobile app, designed specifically for mobile devices, also solve the problem of convenience in viewing a site, but they have some disadvantages.

  • For each type of OS you require a different application / version of a website. This needs extra resources, both money & time.
  • Require to download an app. In sequence to use your app, peoples want to download it. This uses some extra effort from peoples, and many more will not do it, unless they are clear about what app they actually want and they plan to use it frequently.
  • Separation of web traffic. In terms of marketing or advertising of a website, a mobile app may not be suitable if you are following your traffic analytics because it will seems as if a shorter no. of visitors are going to your site.
  • The need to combine with the website stuffs. In the case of a mobile app you should either integrate with the app website (extra resources), or do the double duty of filling both the website and app with stuffs.

Why do you require Responsive Design?

  • A huge variety of devices now connected the Internet. Accordingly, it is very beneficial that your site looks nice and is fitted in any devices.
  • The popularity of mobile devices with Internet access and an increase in mobile Internet traffic has made it critical that your site can be viewed on mobile devices. It's not one or two people in six months, it is a significant part of your audience, and it should be easy to use your site (or they will leave).
  • Urgent information. If your resource contains news / urgent information, and a high probability that the user may need to read this information from a phone (because there are no other devices at hand) at any given time, make sure that he or she has the opportunity to do this.

Unlike mobile application, flexible design has one website address, 1 design & one system of administrate and maintenance for a site. Exactly, flexible design also has its disadvantages; the main one is the corresponding innovation of the technology and, as an effect, the lack of masters and experience and knowledge about designing adaptive sites design.

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