Redesigning or revamping is a best stake

You have to analyze it first that your website isn’t completely fulfilling the needs of your products and services. So, what’s the next step? Will you going to be spend your valuable time and energy on the same old website? Or is that totally waste of money. Will you re-envision from the ground up, or will drag on that forever and finally end up on the same place.

These questions are really hard. What so ever, there is a hope! In our work experience with brands to maneuver this decision. We have reach to some set of questions and deliberately apply to assess your plan of action. In the end both the ways are valid and important. All depends on time; it’s on understanding what prompts you to make the changes.

Understand the stimulant

If you have a website, and constantly you are not selling directly, your customers are engaging on your website, and the engagements bulges to transactions. Now you have to decide with your team and superiors that something is lacking that is not fulfilling the needs and which is also not in sighting with your future.

Here we confront with some of the common reasons, and our general instructions and guidance. Customarily more than one of these will apply, if you want to check all of them then also there will be no issues.

The reasons are given below :-

You Aren't Mobile receptive

The future is straightaway, we all have internets in our pockets. The reality on that if your traffic is not already 50% mobile, it would be if those showing up, the mobile devices weren’t immediately turned off. Go through your redesign ASAP.

It is crucial to consider all other components that will make the redesign successful. The content should be good, effective information architecture, great user experience, search engine optimization. If you will start to work with your current website with this pattern, you will get the prompt returns in the traffic as you have now.

Raise Web Traffic and Revenue

Spending money on your website to raise your business will always be a good idea. The world is digital, and your customers will figure out you on the basis of your digital experience. Even when you are looking forward to grow your business and jump to redesign is going to be premature.

Starting with an optimization, will let help you to diagnose what messages and experiences on the website are working with the customers. Improve your relationships with current customers; enhance the organic traffic from search engines. And you will get the guaranteed low risk on return on investment.

If you are not mobile responsive, you will run on that point where your, content, or technology and current infrastructure will not be able to be improved and redesign is must in this case. The journey on that point will provide exceptional vision that will make your ultimate renovation far more potent and will involved low risk. Optimization is a path of immediate results.

Change the Brand

A brand reconstruction is always is associated with a new website, or at a very least a major website redesign. At some of the level, any of the big brand change will requires renovation.

Is it a revolution or an evolution?

If it is a revolution, do you have a plan of conversion your existing customer base to that new brand? Are you less anxious about your existing customer base & brand? Even if you are ready to trench your old brand, so remember if it has traffic, those visitors are all potential customers of your new brand.

If it is an evolution, how essentially you are changing the practice of your products or services, your customer’s base and communication strategy. I you are refining your brand; it will often make impression to take a more measured access by refining the site experience, replacing the content, upgrading the content, transition of old categories into the new brand experience. That means Redesign has to happen, but focus on achieving the objective.

Present Website Is Just Not satisfactory

Somehow at some point everybody agrees that your website sucks. It’s too slow not mobile responsive, with horrible rankings of search engines, impossible to manage it. In that case redesign is must for your website. But this process takes time and there is involvement of risk too. Looking for opportunities to optimization during that process can bring good results. Redesign, often look for opportunities to improve your site, along with content.

Change in Technology and Team is beneficial

This is the most essential and the least flexible option. Change your digital agency and need to change the vendors or we can say have to integrate a new platform. It will be inevitable. Don’t ignore the moment to move forward. In a new website Mobile responsiveness is must, but no need to have a custom lay out. This actually takes much development time and designing also confuses our customers. Also watch out your content type will when building a new site.

Define Your Aim

Time to define the timeline, be assured you have defined your goals. If you feel like your present website is limiting your ability effectively add content, upgrade products, and drive growth, assure to evaluate a new website will solve this. It starts with building your organization’s process and generating good website content and utilizes it as a tool of communication with customers. This can be accelerated with optimization, and conclusively will provide great vision on a redesign.


Optimization stage make the most of the present site as the new site was being envision. It’s not only gave insight that informed to the upcoming cast, but also build faith between the teams, and almost always brought prompt returns. At the customer cares that you are discoverable on the search engine. Your website will work readily on their device and the content is fascinating. Your website is perfect for your brand and it looks professional too. They can engage and conduct easily.

Keep in mind that website is a tool and works as a mediator between you and your customer to communicate.?

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