Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application development is a technique of setting up software. For handheld devices to give easy and enjoyable user experience and websites that enhance the internet experience for the mobile user.

Mobile applications are of three types:

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Web Apps

Native Apps :

This type of application has access of device system and other applications. They are downloaded from respective app store (For windows phone - Windows app store, for android phone - Google play store, ios phone - Apple play store etc.) These types of applications are fastest, most authentic and give greatest user understanding.

Hybrid Apps :

Hybrid apps have features of both i.e. of native apps and of web apps. Similar native apps, they can be downloaded from an app store and are platform Self-Contained. Like web apps, they depend on HTML being rendered in a browser, with the clause that the browser is embedded within the app.

Hybrid apps allow cross-platform development characteristic, so for every type of device and for platforms you don't have to write the separate set of code, thus significantly reduce development value. That is, the same HTML code components can be reused on different mobile operating systems.

Web Apps:

Web apps are not real apps, they are infected websites, which give more comprehensive user experience and interaction like native apps, it runs on a mobile web browser.

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