Keys to Design a Killer Micro Content

The smallest part of a design project is mainly important. Although it is conceptually, right?

The key element of your website’s success is the information provided on the “first screen”. The first screen is that Basic glance that a user gets into your website.

Filling the details in your project at the last moment is not the correct way. Due to this your micro content will suffers. Don’t let that happen. From the starting of the project Plan out your micro content to create it better.

Micro-content is small. In fact, it can be the tiniest bits of a conceptual structure. In the recent years, the definition of micro content is expanded widely. It was the term use to illustrate labeling and calls to act are much more in today’s prospect.

Micro content is precisely a short burst of content, short-form content, trends, visuals, and the nibble-sized content that’s best suitable for social media.

The words inside each button, headline, navigation menu and label are some of the key elements to understand how to make use of a site in front of you. The way these portions of text are written is extremely important.

  • Use of easy language and phrases.
  • Use abundance of verbs and words that convey action.
  • The instruction “click here” is frequently professed as junk; avoid it.
  • Directions must be direct.
  • Stick to generally used idioms when in doubt.
  • Don’t shout on the lead users -with instructions. They should want to click.
  • Instructions should be clickable.
  • Consider tone and make sure that it must match the rest of your website.

Think about images

Action words and images must complement each other. Sometimes, the image is a micro-content. It’s one of the best tricks that marketers use to reprocess the content for multiple applications.

A single piece of content can be used to drive traffic back to your website. Its smarter way to grab the multiple audiences.

You have a huge infographic on your website. That image would be hard to share on social media, but a single piece of it may be perfect. So you can cut up the infographic in to smaller usable bit for sharing and link them all reverse to your website. You can do the same thing with still images, video or animations.

It takes the right kind of image to make this work effectively.

  • Keep the text minimum.
  • Use eye catching graphics.
  • Use of bright colors.
  • Must link well, so that the shared content pairs the location where the link exactly leads.
  • A bit of micro-content should contain only one call to action.
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