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iON Learning Exchange is a collaborative Learning Platform designed to provide an incremental and interactive learning environment to enable an Institute increase participant learning outcomes. Powered by best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS), the learning spaces are enriched with a suite of collaboration tools helping learners to learn from one another in a community structure. Capabilities of an intuitive assessment engine enabled with learning dashboards create a personalised feedback-led learning environment for each learner. Traditional learning methods need a paradigm shift to increase learning outcomes for learners. Traditional methods of learner engagement suffer from three shortcomings;

  • Teachers treat all learners with a 'one-pill-fits-all' approach in-spite of their unique needs and challenges
  • Teachers run a rigid schedule without pausing for parity in learner assimilation
  • Performance monitoring and reports only at the end of module leaving the learner without a chance to improve incrementally and continually It is time for a radical change with iON Learning Exchange.

Empower Learning

iON Learning Exchange empowers teachers with tools to personalise learning for every learner. A teacher can design & host course catalogues, enlist students into learner communities and deliver incremental learning material in an immersive way using video, audio, powerpoint presentations and a variety of SCORM Compliant learning aids. External links to world-class learning material in the world wide web of learning enables the learner to dip into best resources on a subject or topic. Teacher can co-share delivery responsibilities with Industry professionals or subject experts to provide relevancy to curriculum and meet Industry employability expectations.

Personalised Feedback

The power to conduct assessments after every learning module and provide personalised feedback in an on-going manner helps learners to be ahead on the learning curve. Personalised mentoring can be provided to each learner using Taxonomy and LOD tagging of assessments linked to feedback and "incremental assist publishing". Results and Analytics of learner groups helps teachers to undertake remedial interventions for bringing parity in learning.

Peer learning

Learning outcomes can be paced faster by enabling room for peer learning. iON Learning Exchange is designed for community based learning where learners share their expertise and concerns using a suite of collaboration tools including Forums, Blog, Debate, Surveys, Questions, Wiki and more. Peer to peer benchmarking and peer speak provide the necessary impetus for pacing each other for better outcomes.


Faculty can use the power of technology to deliver better learning outcomes for each learner while reducing administrative hassles. Assessment checking, outcome dashboards, learner feedback and a host of personalisation effort gets reduced with the power of intuitive tools which empower the teacher at the click of a button.


Leveraging best-in-class content across campuses by creating learning repositories and a true knowledge exchange is one of the endearing values of iON Learning Exchange. Expertise of expert resources can be leveraged using collaboration tools for achieving delivery consistencies across campuses, thus breaking down traditional boundaries of campuses. All this achieved while maintaining the value of personalised learning


The community framework of iON Learning Exchange enables various stakeholders of the institution to collaborate as a single unit. Communication tools enable seamless sharing of information. Widget based dashboards help monitor progress and bring better governance to learning. Repositories and co-sharing of responsibilities enable the larger Institution to move nimbly on its feet delivering value in every step.

Key Offerings

  • Content Management System
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Testing Engine
  • Analytics Engine
  • Communication tools
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