Google Photos brings Free Limitless Image and Video Storage

Every second a picture is clicked people around the world are capturing their memories in form of photo or a video. The moment we click them the storage problem strikes in our mind and makes it more challenging to relive those again they keep on dragging from mobile to laptop to hard disk to pen drives and so on... Finding the right picture on tight time is almost impossible Thus to solve this problem google has taken a revolutionary step he gave a secured shelter to our memories by launching appropriately called GOOGLE PHOTOS It’s like a store which manages all the pictures at a time aiming secure home to organize and share photos .

We can even edit the pictures make collage insert animations etc. It supports up to 16mp photos and 1080p videos you don’t have to tag or label photos or create albums. When you want to find a particular shot, just do a simple search to instantly find any photo. Auto-grouping is private by default.

Google Photos also can be your "photo assistant" helping you sift through that memory card of photos you took on your weekly long vacation into a much shorter set of "highlight" photos... where Google used more machine learning to automatically identify famous landmarks, photos of you with people you seem to be around a lot (aka friends and family), and photos that are not blurry or too dark/bright... if can even tell when everyone is smiling and not blinking in a photo.

I think it is the perfect tool for people who like to take a bunch of photos, but don't really want to spend much time/effort to share them with their friends and family. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people as I am somewhat obsessive about curetting/editing/archiving the photos I take and don't like to give up control (I wish I could as it is a chore).

Google Photos brings Free Limitless Image and Video Storage

If you want to give Google Photos a try, it's available now on Android, iOS and the web. With this launch we've made a lot of progress towards eliminating many of the frustrations involved in storing, editing and sharing your memories. But google have a lot more in store—so as you keep snapping photos and capturing videos, google will keep working on it.

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