The logo is face of any brand, the very first impression of it - so the design of logo is extremely important.

If it executed correctly, the logo will be the powerful asset of your client’s brand.

However, to create an effective visual representation of a brand requires more than the graphic designs.

Like any area of work that involves a specific skill, logo design requires a lot of practice and experience. Knowledge, creativity and presence of mind definitely power for any graphic designer.

What Makes a Logo Design wow?

  • Talking Text

  • Eye-catching Color

  • Creating a Great Graphic

Keys to an Effective Logo

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The right logo, with the right features, credibility, will boost your visibility, and memorablity – which mean to be more business for you. These features include:

  • Consistency
    in use of your tagline, logo and materials. Repetition of similar component, used in the same way, helps people to remember you, that who you’re and what you do.
  • Memorablity
    so that your logo will stay at the limelight of your potential clients minds. So in That way, they'll think of you next time when they have a need.
  • Meaningfulness
    so that your logo can transmit the message about the distinguished characteristics of your business.
  • Uniqueness
    helps you to stand out from the crowd. For ex, if everybody in your industry uses a particular symbol (that is travel agencies often uses globes in their logos), try to use something unique – in that way, your logo doesn't look like everyone else's.
  • Professionalism
    in the quality of the graphics, and the paper and printing on which your materials will print.
  • Timelessness
    in your logo ensures that you need not to redesign your logo very soon and that your equity and investment in your design will be lasting.
  • Contrast
    between the colors of your logo, so that it will translates well either to black, white or grey scale and colorblind people are easily able to see it.
  • Unity
    among the different components in logo. The logo must be fit together as a single unit, and not just appear as a jumble of components pasted together.
  • Scalability,
    so that the logo looks equally good on both a business card and on a sign for business. Your business name must be legible at different logo sizes. Be assured that your designer choosing a font that is easily readable.
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