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Word From Director's Desk

Digiclay Infotech is a decade young company headed by team professionals. Its two directors with a unique combination of technical and non-technical expertise.

This USP has to lead a strong foundation for the growth of the company. If we visualize this strength we find all dimension covered be it. Marketing, administrator, public relation, customer support and management. Or be it the other side that is technically competent latest know-how, fast moving and drifting technologies its adaptability and best user, versatile solutions at industrial corporate territory national and global level.

The directors strongly believe in total teamwork and so it is relational among colleague. The vision is quite clear to create a horizon of success with collective and team efforts. The values and principles of life have most prime importance to do things.

Why ChooseUs

Objectives :-

  • Provide products and services that lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Provide all agreed deliverables to the customers and users in accordance with the schedules agreed with them.
  • Ensure conformance of our products and services to their specifications and our standards.
  • Lay emphasis on proper understanding of the requirements of our users and customers.
  • Pay prompt attention to the communications from customers and provide timely support to them.
  • Design policies for attracting, training and retaining qualified and suitable staff.


  • We would achieve this through Customer Satisfaction Index of 98%.
  • Every SRS Document would be approved by customer before proceeding with the next stage of SDLC.
  • We would obtain a sign-off from the customer after implementation of the project.
  • Most of the time compliance to schedule for every project should be =98%.
  • We will achieve this through Service Timeliness Index of 98%.
  • Responses received against a vacancy. All staff to be trained (Orientation), Attrition rate per month will be equal to the Industrial attrition Rate.

Our Policy

Digiclay Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing products and services that consistently meet our customer's expectations of quality and value. We continually track and improve our processes as a means to ensure customer satisfaction. Achieve our quality objectives, and share best practices. The company will also relentlessly strive to create a unique software development environment. Where every employee is aware of quality and its economics.

This Policy is under the International Standard, ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

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Corp. Office : FN 1/1,C-5/7, Sahayadri Aptt., Sector-1A, CBD,Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400614,INDIA.
Regd Office : 301 Sukhmani Apartment, 5 Vishnupuri, Above Union Bank, Indore, MP 452014,INDIA.
Email : info@digiclayinfotech.com

+91 98268 77919

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